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The AustinBlu Foundation was formed in 2015, in the wake of a tragedy involving two young boaters from Jupiter, Florida, who were lost at sea on July 24th, 2015. Austin Blu Stephanos was one of those boys and the namesake of this foundation.

The boys virtually grew up on the water; boating, fishing, diving or swimming nearly every day. They worked at a tackle shop together and immersed themselves in the salt-life of the ocean. This Foundation is rooted in Austin’s lifelong love of the sea and his desire to share that love and enjoy the beauty and excitment of the ocean at every possible opportunity. Austin's life story is as much a love story as a cautionary tale. The ocean was the love of his life; the lesson of his life is to take every precaution when enjoying the majesty, beauty and power of our oceans.

We respectfully ask that you join us in our efforts to help more people safely experience the majesty, beauty and power of our oceans.




We will work to make available to boaters of all ages the tools and technology which can help prevent near-shore and offshore boating accidents and improve the chances for survival and recovery, should such accident occur. In addition, we are committed to supporting legislation which will incentivize boaters to take advantage of the education programs and technology that can make recreational boating and water sports safer for all to enjoy.


Everyone operating a watercraft should take a safety course and complete a Boating Safety Checklist before getting under way. This can save lives and reduce the number of accidents and injuries on the water. Proper education and awareness will help keep boating a safe and enjoyable pastime for the whole family.

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We support initiatives to make boater safety programs more accessible to Floridians of all ages. And promote legislation designed to give boaters greater incentives to acquire safety devices to help them be more prepared in the even of an accident, which can significantly increase their chances of rescue and survival.

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We are dedicated to increasing the awareness and availability of safety devices that can reduce the number of boating related fatalities. Devices like “EPIRBS” (Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacon) which not only send out a distress signal, but tell rescuers where you are, greatly increasing your chances of survival.

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AustinBlu Foundation is committed to working with those individuals and organizations that can help us to reach our goals, so that more people can safely experience the majesty, beauty and power of our oceans.

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For centuries, lighthouses have cast their beacons to guide mariners through treacherous reefs and dangerous coastlines to the safety of a peaceful harbor. At the AustinBlu Foundation, our pledge is to serve as a virtual lighthouse, guiding boaters of all ages through hazardous waters and returning them home to the arms of waiting loved ones. We do this by promoting the awareness and availability of safety devices that can dramatically improve your probability of survival, should you or a loved one become the victim of a boating mishap.

Today, most of our great old lighthouses stand only as picturesque reminders of a bygone era, but the spirit of the lighthouse, and the hope and comfort that it’s warm, welcoming light provides, lives on.

Please help us keep that light shining.



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